6 Reasons why Kamba women are the best in bed!

1. They know what they want

This is  the major reason why Kamba women feel resentful when their partner suggests trying something new.

They are forever suggesting ‘Don’t you think I’d like something other than two quick grabs of my breasts then your hand sliding down?’.

If the answer is yes they would like more than that, they’ll ask for it!. I mean they don’t play passive – they are the instigators. They think about what works for them and what they need to have regular, hearty orgasms and let their men know.

2. They know he’s not a robot

Penises have owners.

Sometimes those owners have off days: they don’t feel well, have a hangover, are stressed or worried about something.

This means they don’t perform at their best.

Kamba women who take wobbly or no erections in their stride and don’t make a big deal of it if he ejaculates too soon, stop temporary problems into becoming regular issues.

His erections aren’t automatic and his penis ages just like the rest of him. Reassure him it’s normal rather than act like it’s a personal insult.

3.They give tactful feedback

Every man you have sex with wants to be the best you’ve ever had (for ego and also because, if he loves you, he wants you to be sexually satisfied).

Kamba women will give you directions on how to give them pleasure because most men don’t ask for fear of looking stupid.

They will award themselves gold stars for delivering instructions with compliments loaded on top like: ‘God that feels fantastic’ they will do this before they put their hands over him to show him how they really want it done.

4. They make noise (but not too much😂)

Ever had sex with someone who was deadly quiet and didn’t make any noise at all?

It’s unnerving: men rely on moans and groans as feedback that their partner(s) are having a good time.

Equally as unsettling however are ‘screamers’: people who make so much noise you can’t relax for fear of people listening.

Somewhere in between does just nicely😌.

5. They’re happy with their body

They are fearless and confident of their own ability and can even relish the mere fact of “starting things off” in bed.

6. They don’t regularly fake orgasms

Surprised at the word ‘regularly’?

If he’s doing everything right and been at it for ages, this Kamba babe is not just going to tip over the edge (maybe she is tired, not in the mood, anxious because she is about to get her period), she will definitely fake that orgasm, it sometimes seems kinder to fake.


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