In Case You Missed it – Top 10 Gay Celebrities In Kenya

A number gay celebrities are comfortable being open with their sexualities but many others are still hiding in the closet.

Homophobia is the main reason why gays are afraid to come clean of their sexuality, the fear of stigmatization scares the living day lights out of them. Kenyan constitution also prohibits same sex relationships.

Even so, the likes of Joji Baro and celebrated author Binyavanga Wainaina, are not afraid of rocking ladies’ clothes and making themselves look like women.

Anyway, popular weekly newspaper, Weekly Citizen, published names and photos of Kenyans newsmakers who it alleges are top in the list of homosexuals.

That was in May last year, today being Throwback Thursday (TBT) we decided to shed light on the incident that shook the country to its roots.

Number two on the Weekly Citizen newspaper was a shocker, no one in their wildest imaginations could have thought John Githongo, the man who blew the whistle on Anglo-leasing scandal, could be gay.

But Weekly Citizen listed him among other popular figures said to be gay. See the list below:

1.Makau Mutua

2.John Githongo

3.Bruce Mckenzie

4.Maina Kageni


6.Raj Devani

7.George Baro

8.David Kuria

9.Eric Gitari

10.Dennis Nzioka

Top gays, lesbians list in Kenya
Top gays, lesbians list in Kenya

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